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Mako Star 
- 11-26-11 05:15 - 8 comments
Hello, everyone! This is one of your newly appointed Admins, Mako. I am here to let our fanboys and fangirls alike know that there has been a slight shift of power in the RPG Crisis Universe. PainKiller, Lyric, and myself are now Admins to our most favorite Community Ass Kicker, RPG Crisis! What does that mean? Other than your soul being ours(read:through a recently installed forum software that takes your inner thoughts and sends them to us in an e-mail), what you can expect to see in the next few months is MORE RESOURCES FOR ALL MAKERS, MORE TUTORIALS FOR ALL MAKERS, FRESH CONTESTS TO START UP 2012 and much, much more.

Keep a look out for the changes and more updates about these changes.
Watch the Feedback Forum as some pretty major Crisis-changing threads may be posted there soon!

It is possible Crisis may go through somewhat of a facelift, but not to worry.
There may be some moving of boards and categories...
The main theme will probably end up being changed VERY soon.
But rest assured that anything MAJOR will have a PUBLIC vote held to influence its decision!

All that aside, the very FIRST thing on the list of "Things to Do" is going to be making a WEBSITE(finally YAY! for RPG Crisis!)

I am also going to be on the lookout for Active, Friendly, and Helpful Members for the month of December.
Rewards will be given to those, likely in the form of Web Space or Website Design/whatever else the Staff can come up with.

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Enterbrain Announces 2 New RPG Maker Titles!


Elemental Crisis 
- 09-28-11 18:50 - 15 comments
Enterbrain has just announced 2 new titles in its RPG Maker series, RPG Maker DS Plus and RPG Maker VX Ace! Currently only the details page for RPG Maker DS Plus is up with a coming soon sign for RPG Maker VX Ace. Were currently in the process of translating the announcment page as well as the details page for RPG Maker DS Plus. We will be updating this thread with our translation once its completed. In the meantime use that super accurate Google Translate to take a look at the RMDS+ page. What do you guys/girls think about it so far and what new features will RMVXA include?

Oh and before its asked, of course we'll be translating the RPG Maker VX Ace demo (If released) and full version (If no English version).

Stay tuned!



I've joined forces the fine folk at http://RPGMakerVXAce.com and will be translating any relevant information with them. All my translation work will be posted there but I'll of course keep everyone updated on progress and new news. Check them out for current RMVXA information, of course feel free to use this topic to continue discussing RMVXA and ask any questions you have.

All RPG Maker DS+ will be posted there as well.
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AutoPilot Engaged


Elemental Crisis 
- 02-27-11 04:18 - 15 comments
Hello Everyone,

I've been asked numerous times now whats going on with RPG Crisis so here's a nifty news post with information!

Were not dead and there's no plans to close the site. Were working on getting the new site going so that's where all our focus is at the moment. We are inactive but that's by our choosing, I've stopped uploading content and really only post when there's a need at the moment as real life obligations have taken over my free time. I'd love to share more information on the new site but there's really nothing new to show at this time. Soon though, if everything goes according to plan I'll have something to show.

So sit back and relax and play some games. :)


For those that care, Enterbrain announced a new RTP for RPG Maker VX, here's the link.
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