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  • Submitted: Oct 17 2010 08:24 PM
  • Last Updated: Oct 28 2010 12:08 PM
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20+ Hours of Gameplay
Mode 7 Graphics
Stand-Alone Game (Does not require RMVX or RTP to download and play)
Classic ATB Turn-Based Battle System
Fully Orchestrated Music by Kevin Macloed
Enhanced Battler Graphics


Millenia Ago.....

The continents of what would later be known as The Mari Landmass and The Rim Kingdom Landmass were united into a single landmass called Shenandor'ah.

The civilization of Shenandor'ah thrived beyond measure until the day when a curious dark sorcerer took it upon himself to see if he could summon The Dark Deities...he succeeded.

That 'success' marked the beginning of the end for the Shenandor'ahians as a race. Once the Dark Deities were freed as flesh-bound beings, they declared war against the world of Cora.

This war came to be known as The Great Cataclsym, which separated the two landmasses due to the catastrophic spells and abilities used by the Dark Deities and the unified Army of Darkness and Light.

Victory came about only due to those called the 'Touched Ones', or beings imbued with powers granted from either the Dark Deities or the Deities of Light.

Millenia would pass, and this war soon faded out of memory.

Until the day came when, under the fated Black Eclipse, a boy was born. One that would be fated to become known throughout the world as the greatest Dark Lord anyone had ever known.

This boy's name is Magus Drakhen Lee.

And these are the chronicles of a Dark Lord....

Dramatis Personae:

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Magus Drakhen Lee - He is Emperor of The Kisareth Empire, and the man who fought in several heated wars against The Rim Kingdoms where he gained his notoriety as 'The Dark Lord of the Rim Kingdoms.' Cold, calculating, and ruthless...this man's inherent darkness has often been misconstrued as 'evil'.

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Xiria Erin Lee - Wife of Magus Lee, and Ambassador of The Kisareth Empire. You first meet her in the Capital City of Tezaroth, within The Kisareth Empire. Having a snarky and blunt attitude, Xiria offsets her husband's cold demeanor very well.

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Maga'ra Aime' Lee - The High Empress of The Kisareth Empire, and sister of Magus Lee. A soft-spoken woman who carries the weight of her duties well, she represents one of the pivotal forces that will determine the fate of the world of Cora.

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Ghaston - King of The Sovereignity of Valdrace, a land that has been rumored to be preparing for war against both The Rim Kingdoms and the Mari Landmass. Ghaston has been plotting for some time now, and it seems he is nearly ready to unleash a devastating war...

Game Size: 174 MB

Scripts Used in the Game:

Animated Parallax by modern algebra
Battle HUD by EvenAngels
Scene Story, Location Name, Scene Title, Mog Menus by Moghunter
Takentai Side-View Battle System by Enu with English localization by Kylock, Mr. Bubble, and Shu.
Fal-Fog by Falcao
Pretitle by Vlue L. Maynara
Epic Deaths by Kylock
Victory Aftermath by Yanfly
Fade Battle End by Kylock
Savepoints by Rubymatt
Neo Save System by Woratana
Prexus Party Changer by Prexus
ATS 3.0 by modern algebra
Full-Screen toggle by Helladen
Mode 7 VX by KGC



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