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I could keep listing all the awesome benefits and perks but why not discover them for yourself?
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  • Submitted: Jun 09 2012 01:08 PM
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  • Creator: ASCII

Download 2D Fighter Maker 95 1.20.01

- - - - -

One of the first fighter makers released for the PC, 2D Fighter Maker 95 allowed you to create fighting games similar to the Street Fighter series and other 2D fighting games. Initially welcomed by the maker community due to the over whelming success of RPG Maker 95 it slowly became less popular among the RPG Maker crowd due to its learning curve and lack of support.. The inital translation by CodeMason, Gosu and Katalyst was also another reason that lead to its decline in popularity due to mistranslations and untranslated text. Don Miguel fixed the translation up allowing the maker to be used but other problems surfaced. As mentioned before, 2D Fighter Maker 95 was not easy to use. It's one of the few maker programs where a helpfile was needed yet at the time of release it there wasn't one. Two long time users decided to help out, Lord Chibilot fixed various mistranslations while Mag Launcher wrote a helpfile to help new users. Their efforts allowed more users to use 2D Fighter Maker 95 and created a loyal user base for it.

Whats Induced:
- 2D Fighter Maker 95
- Untranslated RTP
- English Helpfile

Note: There are tutorials located in the Help folder.

Nicknames: 2DFM95, FM95
Release Date: Japan: 1997 Worldwide: Never
Current Version: 1.20.02 Current Translated Version: 1.20.01

System Requirements:

Translators and Translation Versions:


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