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Restoration Work


- 10-01-10 07:24 - 9 comments
Hey guys.

I'm proud to accept the position of administrator. As unexpected as it was, I'm going to do my best to get RPG Crisis running like yesteryear. I do indeed need all the help I can get; if you have any suggestions, by all means, let your voice be heard!

There are many things we intend to add to the site, and have for a while, but for now I ask only that you do what you can to help activity increase, and upload resources (especially for the programs that are really lacking them right now). I'll be doing my part as well.

Thanks to all of the users who have stuck with the site even through its recent dry spell. I hope to see you around after we get things going again.
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Where I've Been


Elemental Crisis 
- 09-26-10 00:04 - 2 comments
Hello Everyone,

I've been asked many times via IM about whats going on with RPG Crisis and where I've been. I've figured this would be the best way to inform everyone on whats been going on. As I've told some of you I don't have time for RPG Crisis anymore with school and work. What little free time I do have I like to relax and do something fun. So what exactly does this mean for RPG Crisis?

I haven't been able to do an update in awhile, I've got loads of content but no time. Content of course is what people come here for, no content means no visitors which means no activity. Rather then closing down RPG Crisis I've decided to appoint someone to take over my position in order to get the gears moving again here at RPG Crisis. Now this doesn't mean I'm leaving but it does mean that my current level of activity which is pretty much non-existent will be staying the same.

Everyone knows Lyric, hes been a member for a long time and he's someone who I trust will help get this place moving again. So as of this post, I've officially promoted Lyric to Admin and he will be taking over my duties for the time being. I'll be in the shadows answer questions and helping him when I can but that's about all I'll be able to do for a long time. Now I've got a request for all you members, help Lyric out. If you got ideas or suggestions let him know, his goal is to get this place running again and he's going to need all your help.

With that, I'll be taking my leave for awhile. Hopefully some new blood is just what this place needs.

Sorry Lyric, I know i said I would tell you before I posted this so you could respond but I didn't know when that might be. See you on MSN for a surprise!
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Updates Updates Updates


- 09-18-10 21:46 - 1 comments
Restoring Tutorials
During the process of merging the new forums with the now archived forums some tutorials have been lost especial all the tuts on how to get the editor for RPG Editor 3d working so new versions with pictures and shit will be upload by the end of next week

Lets Create Series

There has been a huge unexpected bridge due in the series of Lets Create series due to behind the scenes custom work need for the games being created in the series but not to fret motherfuckers! We will precede with stand in material and hopefully we will have something set before the end of each series is finished which should be posted from a week or two from now.

Looking for Resources
One of our most overlooked sections our resource database need alot of work while there are lots of resources for hugely know makers such as rpg maker series(rm2k/2k3/XP) our lesser know makers have none to a few resources so I will be spending a worth of time trying to improve our database with already available resources to RPG CRISIS custom resources as well (basically shit I make but want to pump it up as special) If you would like to contribute to this effort contact me and shit.

Upcoming Translations

While a lot of shit is way behind schedule shit is finally getting back in place, while tactics 3 was delayed to finish RPG Maker 3d (you know, shit you don't care about) Tactics 3 translation is back on track and should be finished by the end of the month or sometime early next month. The planned schedule after tactics is a complete translation of shooter maker 95 while Ricky will be working on finishing character maker pro and Renia 2(LOL) but I am willing to change this based on demand or recommendations so speak up if you feel like contesting.

The Adventures of Ricky Van Horn now available
 DS20100917_1842_0001.png (249.25K)
Number of downloads: 2

The historical events stamped into time of our leader/hero Ricky Van Horn is now available for single download
encased you missed this must see saga.

Other Projects
The legend of Ricky Van Horn does not end there friends, a secret project started last year by yours truly :3 and the least known RandomHero/Shayde
 almnd001.png (378.13K)
Number of downloads: 1

This may be know as the most likely community project to actually be completed. While the background of the story is still top secret it should be know this game will be multi-player and will feature great titans of now and past that have laid ground on Olympus RPG Crisis Mountain.

That is all for now, excuse me while I'll scratch my balls.
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