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Hello there traveler!

They call me Norman the Expressionless and I was instructed to seek you out, the wanderer. You must be something special for them to hire me and come find out. I wonder what makes you so special; perhaps you have some super power and are destined to save the universe! Just kidding, they told me to find you because you have nice hair and they want to harvest it to create the perfect hair.

So yeah, you should totally join this fine community they’ve established here. Heck, if you need even more reasons I suppose I can list off a few of the perks.
  • Gain complete access to our Download, Tutorial/Script and Resource Databases.
  • Be a part of an ever expanding community and create your own legacy!
  • Get support for a wide range of maker programs, were experts on them all.
  • Discover your true purpose in life, maybe even become one with the force.
  • Make new friends, allies and enemies.
  • Participate in thoughtful, intelligent conversations aimed at expanding your mind.
  • Request translations for foreign maker related sites, games, scripts and tutorials.
I could keep listing all the awesome benefits and perks but why not discover them for yourself?
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    2D Fighter Maker 95

    3 Tutorials/Scripts photo
    • Create A Classic Style Character Sele...
    • By Megaman

    2D Fighter Maker 2nd Round

    4 Tutorials/Scripts photo

    3D RPG Editor

    3 Tutorials/Scripts photo


    5 Tutorials/Scripts photo

    IG Maker

    3 Tutorials/Scripts photo
    • How To Use Image Font And Write Text
    • By Elemental Crisis

    Network RPG Maker 2000

    2 Tutorials/Scripts photo
    • Nedango Works: Importing Map Tiles
    • By Mako

    RPG Maker 95

    3 Tutorials/Scripts photo

    RPG Maker 2000/2003

    14 Tutorials/Scripts photo

    RPG Maker XP

    4 Tutorials/Scripts photo

    RPG Maker XP Scripts

    7 Tutorials/Scripts photo

    RPG Maker VX

    2 Tutorials/Scripts photo
    • Quick Guide for Random Dungeons
    • By Mako

    RPG Maker VX Scripts

    7 Tutorials/Scripts photo

    RPG Maker VX Ace

    4 Tutorials/Scripts photo

    RPG Maker VX Ace Scripts

    4 Tutorials/Scripts photo
    • KZM - Game Title using images
    • By KenzoMe92

    Renai Maker 2

    0 Tutorials/Scripts
    • No Information

    Shooter Maker 95

    0 Tutorials/Scripts
    • No Information

    Simulation RPG Maker 95

    8 Tutorials/Scripts
    • How to fix colors on SRPG Maker 95
    • By BFencerMusashi

    Tactical RPG Editor

    0 Tutorials/Scripts
    • No Information

    • 73 Tutorials/Scripts
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    • How to fix colors on SRPG Maker 95 Newest Tutorial/Script

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